Gareth Goodger

Gareth has a wealth of experience and passion. His diversity in training proves a great success when creating personalised training methods for his clients as well as group training and GG Elite Retreats. Passion and dedication prove a winning formula for Gareth and the growth of his business. Based in the Algarve, Portugal it’s the perfect place to motivate and inspire others to reach their health goals.

Based in South West London he has clients of all abilities and fitness levels. Adapting programmes to suit there individual requirements.

Gareths’ passion for his business and relationships with the clients old or new makes him unique and well respected among his peers.

GG Elite Fitness was created with an image of fitness within your lifestyle. As we know how busy Londoners are fitting in a regular training within work, family and holidays. It’s vital we can work around clients every need.

We train clients in there own personal home gyms, parks or your specified location.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in taking the next step and either getting back into fitness or changing your current lifestyle pattern.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or further details